The Mysterious Lost Media of the Internet

This topic isn't very spooky, but it is mysterious.

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Lost Media is any piece of media that is partially or completeley unarchived online, or any public archival space.

Internet has always been a vehicle for entertainment but because of how decentralized it is, it's infamous for having one of the worst track records for archival.

Now we at the Yesterweb Community wish to not 'go backwards' and lost media is one of the reasons why. Now we have the foresight and better tools to archive what we have online.

Still, archiving the internet is important as this network is very important to... everything

Some of the Big incidents

Myspace was that website where all the "cringy kids" went to before TikTok. One of the selling points was it's music features


Speedrunning isn't some new thing invented by Dream (Those channels that milk him probably think that.)

It's one of the earliest internet challenges, dating back to the 90s. Things like rocket jumping, backwards long jumping, and Ultra Shortcuts, are staples of speedrunning.

Now, alot of these lost runs are because of video streaming not being a thing back then. You had to download videos back then. If they were avalable for download.



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