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I don't have a reason to pick this song

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Here's my collection of retro media (2002 - 2010)


ZUN -- Touhou: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil -- 2002 -- PC -- Shmup

She smol reimol

CD Album

Streetlight Manifesto -- Everything Went Numb -- 2003 -- CD -- Ska Punk

Heard about them in a Tomska video. He'a a man of culture.

Also, I really like the aesthetic on the cover.

CD Album

Gorillaz -- G-Sides -- 2002 -- CD -- yes

Sorry to flex but... It's an E N H A N C E D C D

DVD-Rom - Console

Atlus -- Persona 3 FES -- 2008 (Original came out in 2006) -- PS2 -- RPG

Alright, can't wait to beat the game and see all my favorite characters living happily ever after

DVD-Video - 2007 DVD release

Gainax -- FLCL (Fooly Cooly)-- 2000 (2002 dub) -- DVD -- Sifi Comedy

This got me into J-Rock