May 5, 2022

About a year ago I mentioned that I wanted to get those early learning games I played at a local library as a kid. Well I recently remembered at that library, I have like 3 books that are almost 10 years overdue, all of which are out of my possession, I can probably still enter it... but they'll probably kill me if I try checking out another book.

May 5, 2022

Finally, the bulk of the year is over. I am far less stressed out now with everything.

Honestly, I was suspecting it was starting to take a toll on me as I just felt demotivated and grouchier during the last half so I do apologize for some regrettable things I said in the past.

I'm posting this during school hours because my school is closed. A tragedy happened and the school is now closed.

Also it is nasty outside so I doubt the school would open at it's normal time.


All in all, I'm gonna be out of school soon and enter the real world. My only stress is to get a good job and get my driver's licence (covid interrupted my first driver's ed year, thanks America for not handling it well).

At least I can vent my frustrations out in TF2

Last updated: May 5, 2022 13:52