March 29, 2021

Great, that Super Mario Collection is going out tommorrow. Hopefully Ebay's my friend this time.

Lately I've been making flash... things (Don't worry, I'm not making flash webpages, just animations and internactive stuff) and turns out it's a bad Idea to be using a really old version of flash. A lot of the tootorals I find are for AS3. I use Flash 8, the last macromedia version of flash. Actionscript 3 was introduced in flash 9 after adobe bought Macromedia out.


Well, at least the hyperlinking on as2 doesn't take like, 69 lines of code.

March 3, 2021

So I found out about this website called UGO. It's a time capsule of the early internet nerd culture and it hasn't been updated since 2013.

You can tell it hasn't been updated because of the 4:3 aspect ratio the site has, oh and also the big box saying UGO is dead with an image saying game over. Whever I find these abandoned sites, it's always fun looking at what life was like back then, what movies people were hyped about, announcements for media that was either cancelled or came out. Same as that other anime site I posted about a few months ago.

Another thing that's fun is looking at what the site was like during it's heyday.

Half Life had a cancelled Dreamcast port. Can't imagine trying to play an FPS on this controller

Last Posted: March 29, 2021 12:06