June 22, 2021

Man, nothing's more depressing then seeing 30-year-old neckbeards idealize gen z as this... uh... generation that will destroy racism and capitalism while not being assed to help solve these issues themselves. And get mad when kids don't meet their expectaitons.

Then again, neckbeards are apethetic about everything so I shouldn't be suprised that they don't care to solve these issues on a bigger level despite being old enough to run for president. Just leave all the responsibility to kids who are genuinly terrified that if the people in power don't do anything about global warming then humanity will fucking die.


Yeah, never slap a reputation or expectation on a generation, it's shitty.

June 13, 2021

So Sadness is making a Zine. Yes that logo with the whireframe earth was made by me.

So lately I've been trying my hand at the y2k aesthetics more often. Vectorheart and all of that. I don't think I got it entirely right, this is just a learning experience for me

June 13, 2021

Pro Tip: Anytime someone says that all art is political, go to the extremes and ask them for a political analysis of the Boar Vessel 600-500 B.C. Etruscan Ceramic

You know those videos by neckbeards where they make politcal analysis videos of movies and games that aren't political at all or, if they are, are usually not very deep.

For example: Half Life is about surviving a government coverup, I can see how you will make a political analysis of it... Jurassic Park is not political.

Jurassic park is about how greed can lead to a disaster, something that can happen in politics, but is more of a social issue. Didn't stop some shitty youtube channel to label it as a communist movie.

I say, these neckbeards are pussies because those movies and games intentionally explore themes and tell a message, what I want is for them to make political analysis videos on the most innocous of things. Like the Boar Vessel, or this drawing of the magnapina. Just reach farther than Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam. I know why these people are the way they are, the youtube political scene is a joke, but... it'll be much more entertaining if they stopped giving a shit and made some bullshit theory about how the magnapina is a symbol of the... uh... McCarthyism in America.

I mean, more bullshit than they're already spewing.

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