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December 31, 2020

2020 almost over, We'll all be put out of out misery by midnight from the upcoming the Shroob invasion. While I don't feel comfortable getting deep into the shit that went down this year, I'll say that the only good thing about this year is that Gorillaz released a new album.

Strange Timez was great, my favorite song was The Lost Chord

Also, Noodle looks cute on the cover

December 28, 2020

The HDMI cord for my Gaomon Tablet is keeps going out. So I looked online for a replacement

I resent everything Gaomon stands for now. When you're making a new power cord, make sure it looks noticably different from the old one.

December 26, 2020

For a 2 Gigabyte video game from the late 2000s, Rayman Origins took way too long to download.

Worth it though, I always wanted that game when I was a kid. Played the hell out of the demo on my 3DS back then.

December 21, 2020

Another site bites the dust. Collage Humor went down and redirects to their channel. I never watched them and only remember watching some of their skits on some app on my 3DS that I don't remember the name of.

Granted, I don't think anyone visited the site in it's twilight years. I saw it as another one of those humor sites from the 2000s that went through seasonal rot by the early 2010s, I've noticed a few of these sites just had a really bad decade in the 10s.

Also, is it me, or does Adam looks like some douchebag tech geek about to presnet some useless product by google or something lol.

December 19, 2020

Dream has recently been accused of cheating a run (Making that one shitass video age well) and while that's just a tuesday for speedrunners there's also another cheater who faked a run of Mr. Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine.

Dream cheating. Okay, just reject his run and tell him off, but why the hell would someone cheat on a run of a shitpost game based off of a meme? I guess meme runs aren't safe now. I hope no one spliced a run of American Dad Intro.

December 12, 2020

So recently I've been getting into A Hat in Time Mods. As expected, if you give a community the ability to make something using your game then 90% of it will be shitposts

Exhibit A: Everything is turning into buckets of crabs.

If you combine the crab conductor mod with this then it's comedy gold. yes, I have both installed

December 3, 2020

Oh god, I cannot wait for winter break, man. Most of my time has been eaten up by Tvtro- I MEAN School. Hopefully we have a next year, don't want this world to turn into a Tomska skit where we all just die.

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