August 29, 2021

First Yesterweb Zine article is out.

My article (The websurfing guide) is the first time I wrote an article instead of just a stream of thoughts so... mind the stilted writing, I'm still getting there.

My favorite, is TeddyBear-Halo's article, it is very clean and welcoming. Also, I've never put much thought into homepages so this really peaked my intrest.

Hope to see what else the zine will bring in the future.

If you're wondering what website Aerith is looking at, it's sega's old website

August 12, 2021

Started my final year of school. The building's fucking huge.

I get lost because the halls are mazes. Could probably get a good workout.

Something I don't like is how depressing the courtyard looks. It's just two patches of grass and a slab of concrete in the middle with tables spaces out from eachother. All next to the path the buses go on to take up students or drop them off.

Now... I played Animal Crossing New Leaf a lot as a kid, so I know my stuff about exterior decorating and most of the time you need actual scenery to make it look less lazy. My last school had some decorations, it had a sun shaped brick structure on the north east, a few trees, the grass wasn't a patch but instead streached for mostly half of the yard and was where the sporty kids tossed the football. And every other coutyard I've ever seen at least had some sort of shade and/or scenery. My school looks like it has more money yet didn't spend any to make their outdoors eating area look less like what white bread tastes like.

August 12, 2021

Man, commentary youtube has gone to shit.

To be fair, the community was never good. It started off as insecure 30-year-olds bullying kids for... apparently liking fnaf or whatever, then to a proto form of cancel culture where they pick a random jackoff they don't like and make 300 videos on them until they get bored, and now they're fighting a one sided war against Gen Z along with 90s kids on tiktok. Right now they're trying to prove that "dreamgender" (A joke about dream's fanbase's devotion to the guy) is genuine proof that gen z is political correctness gone mad.

They're either doing this for the money and/or they're lemmings.

The thing that I find funny is these just remind me of when 4-Chan made up that "OK sign is racist" bit and conservatives actually believed progressives were trying to take out a hand gesture.

Though, Dreamgender jokes have never been funny to me, especially since we peaked with... The Area in 1997.

Boy hopefully no boomer made a webpage whining, "Gen X has gone insane" over someone making a dick joke religion.

August 11, 2021 - edited

EA hired one of Follin's disciples to compose the intro to NBA Live '96. I've never played this game, or any sports game aside from Wii Sports that came with my console so I'm not good with what music is fitting for sports games, but this song sounds like a battle theme in a fast paced Hack and Slash or FPS game than something I'd hear in a basketball game.

August 9, 2021

Someone just randomly sent me a steam friend request all because, I assume, we were on the same TF2 server. We've never interacted at all in the game or anywhere else on the site.

Who the hell goes through their "recently played with" section just to attempt to friend some guy with an anime profile pic that has no idea that you exist. Unless it's one of those people who just spam friend requests to a profile on sight, hate those people.

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