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October 22, 2020

Saw a video of someone recreating the SNES's mode 7 in Gamemaker. I'm gonna write that down for later, might put it in a game

September 28, 2020

So, I'm testing the game out and it looks like it hardly needs any power to run. Only 16MBs of ram.

I wonder how much I need to run it as a standalone app rather than a debugger.

By the percentages are somewhat high because I'm running other apps on my PC

September 16, 2020

Well, I'm still learning the basics of gamemaker. I wonder how a Super Paper Mario like ARPG would fair.

Like that game is fantastic but it's not as good as TTYD, gameplay just feels empty at times. However, I like how it uses Super Mario Bros. 2's style where each character has one special move or stat they can do.

I'll probably write it down and forget about it the next day.

September 8, 2020

Turns out they changed the scripts in 2.3. oh no